Valentine’s Day at One Greenway

February 12, 2016 | apartments | life at one greenway
Valentine’s Day at One Greenway

Valentine’s Day can create a lot of pressure. Lovebirds of all ages struggle to get reservations at the hot new restaurants, or those that are romantic year-round. This year, forecasters are also calling for temperatures to fall well below zero degrees. Romance is much harder when you have to take off 15 layers of clothing once you arrive at your restaurant of choice.

Why not wow your loved one with a great home-cooked meal this year?

At One Greenway, residents enjoy stainless appliances and high-end fixtures that make cooking at home a dream. Visit one of the grocery stores nearby and get cooking.

Not an epicure? Don’t panic. There are tons of resources for novice cooks. Here are a few pointers from us:

Start easy. Food and Wine has a list of recipes new cooks should attempt to master. A roast chicken is a great place to start—just be sure to remove any giblets and handle it safely. This Food Network recipe for “Engagement Chicken” is romantic and doesn’t require much labor.

Pasta is your friend. Not ready to handle poultry? Pasta can impress—as long it doesn’t come in a box with a packet of cheese. Spaghetti alla Carbonara requires a good sense of timing, but has a short ingredient list and is rich and delicious. Shrimp Scampi is another favorite, and making your own Bolognese sauce at home will make your entire apartment smell incredible.

Don’t do it all. Cooking the main course? Visit Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to pick up an easy appetizer or two. Love baking dessert? Grab some prepared veggies for an easy side.

Have fun! Don’t know a teaspoon from a tablespoon? Accidentally scorch the Bolognese? Have your partner give you a hand. And if he or she can’t fix it, remember that Valentine’s Day is all about love. (And that Seamless is always an option.)

Impressed by your culinary masterpiece? Tag us in your Instagrams! We’re @One_Greenway.