Public Art Comes to the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

May 12, 2015 | life at one greenway | neighborhood
Public Art Comes to the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway

This month, a dramatic piece of public art was installed just a half-mile from the Tower at One Greenway. Titled As If It Were Already Here, the piece was created by local artist Janet Echelman and is nearly a half-acre in size. Suspended above the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway, it’s a stunningly modern piece of art that reflects Boston’s long history. You can read more about it here.

Want to check out Echelman’s work? It’s wise to see it both in the light of day and at night, when it’s illuminated by 44 LED fixtures. Luckily, there is plenty to keep visitors busy while waiting for night to fall.

We suggest coming by after work, while it’s still warm and the light reflects off the sculpture. Bring a blanket, grab a hammock or lay right in the grass of the Greenway to watch the sculpture move in the breeze off of Boston Harbor. You’ll need a snack as you wait for sunset. There are plenty of outdoor options near As If It Were Already Here; Smith and Wollensky has a patio that overlooks the Harbor. Another outdoor option is Miel “Brasserie Provençale,” located inside the Intercontinental Hotel.

Once you’ve rested and the sun is down, head back. The sculpture’s dramatic colors set against the skyscrapers that surround it present a very different, more dramatic experience than during the day. Once you’ve been able to experience its beauty, head out for dinner or a nightcap. Biddy Early’s is a well-loved dive right around the corner. Interested in viewing more beautiful works of art? The Palm features its trademark caricatures of local and international people of note on its towering walls.

As If It Were Already Here will be on display until early October—plenty of time for One Greenway residents to plan a fun night out in their very own neighborhood and appreciate the beautiful artwork they have the opportunity to be exposed to right outside their door.