One Greenway Boston New Year’s Construction Update

January 9, 2015 | apartments | life at one greenway
One Greenway Boston New Year’s Construction Update

There was no holiday slowdown in construction at One Greenway in December. Our construction teams were hard at work and met several milestones in the final month of 2014.

What’s new?

The bones of the building are in place: The steel beams have been placed throughout the structure of the building. Concrete decks are in place, as are the roofs on each section of the building.

Interiors are taking shape: On the third floor, preliminary electrical and plumbing lay-outs have already been completed, inspections passed, and drywall is being installed. Our teams will continue working their way up, floor-by-floor, bringing utilities up as they build.

Windows are coming: Residents of One Greenway will want to spend a lot of time looking at stunning views of downtown Boston and the Rose Kennedy Greenway through these windows. Our team is continuing their work installing them throughout the building.

One Greenway continues to make great progress, despite a fierce cold snap in Boston. Stay tuned for additional updates, and share pictures of what you see happening at One Greenway with us on social media!