In the Know: Dim Sum

November 17, 2014 | apartments
In the Know: Dim Sum

One Greenway is located in Boston’s vibrant Chinatown neighborhood. On every block, restaurants representing all types of Chinese and other Asian cuisine line the street. Many foodies from around the Boston area come into town for one of the most unique and authentic food opportunities: dim sum.

Literally meaning “touch the heart,” dim sum originated with the Cantonese in southern China as small dishes served as snacks alongside tea. Over the centuries, dim sum restaurants became a place for families and friends to enjoy time together on weekends.

Asking a Bostonian which dim sum restaurant has touched his or her heart is like asking whether they prefer Mike’s Pastry or Modern Pastry in the North End—it’s bound to cause controversy. Here are some neighborhood favorites that are just a short walk from One Greenway. We’ll leave it to you to decide which will become your go-to spot. Need tips on ordering? Boston Magazine recently ran a piece detailing what you’ll find on local dim sum menus.

Winsor Dim Sum Café: A mere two-minute walk from One Greenway, Winsor makes its dim sum made to order, so no carts roving the dining room. Sharing tables with strangers is common in this small, local gem.

Hei La Moon: A three-minute walk from One Greenway, Hei La Moon features the largest dining room, bustling with dim sum on carts. Come early to get the full dim sum experience without the wait.

China Pearl: Two minutes from One Greenway, China Pearl has a newly renovated dining room with an old-school sign out front, reminding us this is an institution amongst Chinese families for multiple generations.

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant: The new kid on the block is the classic Chinatown hole-in-the-wall that brings authentic, made-to-order dim sum to your table. The place is small, but the wait is worth it.

Empire Garden: Housed in a vintage theater four minutes away from One Greenway, Empire Garden wins major style points for its décor.

Dim Sum in Boston

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